Workflow Types

Controlled Workflow

ReachASAP calls the sales person and gives them the option to take a lead call now or postpone the call. This option is for a salesperson that is multi-tasking and may not always be available for a call.

Automated Workflow

ReachASAP makes a connection with a lead then instantly connects the lead to the sales person. This option is best for a dedicated salesperson or sales team.

Lead Types

Real-Time Leads

Leads that have recently completed a form or triggered a conversion event are Real-time leads. Real-time leads can be placed in either a Controlled or Automated Workflow.

Lead Lists

Lead Lists are leads from previous trade shows, campaigns, paid lists, etc. that have emails which are uploaded to ReachASAP. These Lead Lists can be placed into either a Controlled or Automated Workflow.

follow up no hyphen when used as a verb

follow-up when used as an adverb or adjective

ReachASAP or ReachASAP

Automated Workflow or Controlled Workflow with initial capitals

Lists end with no periods

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