Controlled Workflow for Real-Time Leads

78% of customers buy from the first company that responds—speed matters when following up with prospects.

Most leads grow cold on the same day. Not in a matter of hours, but in a matter of minutes. If you can connect with a lead in the first minute, your sales conversions will increase by 391%.

ReachASAP Controlled Workflow for Real-Time Leads solves this problem. It is an ideal business growth tool for self-employed, also solopreneurs, and everyone who is their own salesperson.

A realtor can appreciate the Controlled Workflow while she's showing houses and unable to speak to an urgent lead immediately. ReachASAP will automatically attempt to connect her and the lead several more times—especially on the same day!. The Controlled Workflow will help to increase sales conversion and build more trust with her prospects.

Here is the Process for the Controlled Workflow for Real-Time Leads:

  1. It starts with a prospect filling out the web form.

  2. Then ReachASAP calls the sales team (or solopreneur).

  3. It's up to the sales rep (business owner) to activate a call or choose to call later on the same day.

It's simple, efficient, and fast.

ReachASAP's Controlled Workflow for Real-Time Leads is a relentless and efficient sales connector who never forgets to call the prospect back. It doesn't take a lunch or coffee break while leads are waiting to be contacted. ReachASAP is designed to eliminate inefficiencies and remove the hassle of catching up with prospects because it does so on schedule, every time.

Benefits from Controlled Workflow for Real-Time Leads:

  1. Increase contact attempts

  2. Respond to a lead, as soon as submitted (in as little as 60 seconds)

  3. Guaranteed multiple contact attempts

  4. Sales Flow Transparency

  5. Call Tracking and Reports

Looking Forward to Response Speed Compression

The future of all sales interactions will be faster, much more customer-centric, and more technology-enabled. The speed of response will only tighten and serve as a competitive advantage for sophisticated business owners and efficient sales reps.

ReachASAP Workflows Remove Inefficiencies From Your Sales Process

According to a recent study of over 700 sales reps, only 35.2% of work time is actually spent selling.

Inside Sales found that most sales reps waste time in large part on administrative tasks, external meetings, and research. Here is the breakdown:

  1. Administrative Tasks - 14.8 %

  2. External Meetings - 14 %

  3. Research - 11.6 %

If your sales rep's annual salary is $57,000, then you're paying $36,936 in compensation for tasks that are not directly selling. If you have a team of 7 sales reps, then your number would be $258,552 per year for non-sales related tasks.

Also, don't forget to add the cost of leads and missed opportunity costs. And these numbers add up even higher.

You might be curious to find out what administrative tasks take up the most time in a sales rep's workday?

It's dealing with product issues, approvals, internal policies, paperwork. At 14.8% of the time, this translates to almost 6 hours per week. Of course, these tasks are essential, but are they worth the sales rep's valuable time?

Put Lead Follow-up Inefficiencies Behind You

ReachASAP Workflows remove inefficiencies from the sales process and increases the time the sales reps will spend on selling.

Per the research above, only 35.2% of the total time per sales rep is spent selling—it's divided into three categories: prospecting, client follow-up, external customer-facing meetings.

All ReachASAP workflows eliminate prospecting, simplifies follow-up, and compress the time devoted to customer-facing connections bringing together the sales agent (solopreneur) and the prospect.

Wasting time by sales reps will grow into a costly tsunami of missed opportunity costs, costs of leads, and inefficient time spent during a workday.

All ReachASAP workflows removes inefficiencies and increases your bottom line.