Automating Lead List Follow Ups

ReachASAP automatically dials contacts from your Lead List one-by-one using automation and Artificial Intelligence and connects you to the prospect when they answer. Say goodbye to wasted time manually dialing outbound calls—ReachASAP gives you back hours of lost time and increases conversions.

All you have to do is stay ready and focused on closing more deals in less time—the workflow is easy and efficient.

What Is It?

Some pros describe ReachASAP as an automated daily to-do list for salespeople. Still, we prefer to call it the ultimate sales machine using Artificial Intelligence's power to eliminate inefficiencies.

Because it's always on, always calling. It never stops until you turn it off.

As a tireless prospecting machine, it does all of the outbound calling for you—it's always in motion, as your perpetual lead calling and connection machine.

ReachASAP Benefits:

● Doesn't get tired

● Doesn't get discouraged

● Loves making outbound calls

● Works every day in perpetuity

● Empowers humans who hesitate to make outbound calls

ReachASAP Workflows

ReachASAP has two call workflows depending upon your working environment. Here are the details of each:

Controlled Workflow

ReachASAP calls the salesperson and gives them the option to take a lead call now or postpone the call. This option is for a salesperson that is multi-tasking and may not always be available for a call.

Automated Workflow

ReachASAP makes a connection with a prospect then instantly connects the lead to the salesperson. This option is best for a dedicated salesperson or sales team.

Here's how it works:

  • You upload your lead list to ReachASAP

  • Select Controlled or Automated Workflow

  • ReachASAP will start making your connections

The workflow is easy and efficient.

Don't Lose Time & Money Making Outbound Calls

Our research and field expertise shows that sales reps and business owners dislike making outbound calls. It decreases morale and reduces efficiency of call center staff—outbound dialing is tiresome, grueling, and inefficient. Because of these built-in inefficiencies, sales reps make 75.2% fewer contact attempts than they think they do.

In a 2017 survey by Inside Sales (XANT), sales reps reported an average of 4.8 calls per lead. In contrast, the study found that the average phone attempts were closer to 2.2 phone calls per lead.

That's a huge disconnect. Sales reps hate outbound calls, and it shows. ReachASAP empowers sales reps with less time dialing and more time selling.

Now more than ever, everyone becomes an inside sales agent. This innovative tool helps to reduce human inefficiencies and increase contact attempts to close more sales.

The workflow is easy and efficient.

ReachASAP Advantage

Use ReachASAP to save time, reduce costs, and increase conversions. The process is straight forward—upload your lead list, and ReachASAP will connect your sales agents and your leads with precision, automation, and efficiency.